Barac Maria Alina

Nu sunt cum sunt nici cum ma vezi Sunt doar asa cum ma visezi Deci dormi mai mult ca sa visezi Sa vezi cum sunt cand nu ma vezi

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  • Circle of life

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    I love you. You lover her. She loves him, he loves another...and so on, so on. It's a small world in a big, never ending circle. We are all connected somehow. Now more than ever thanks to the social media. We develop online relationships of some sort, we fall in love via Facebook, Twitter, Skype...

  • Blisters

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    Lucky me I am such a coffee drinker. This is the way I get to have a bit of time on my hands. I developed this habit of having a second coffee every day at Nero Cafe before I start work. I always come an hour earlier so I can be with myself and chill so my mind would be relaxed and my smile...

  • FEAR

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    It took me about a year to finally open my eyes and see what is going on. At first I was so happy that my best friend finally found someone. All was about the pink clouds and the world revolved around him. I can say I was also happy for me. This way I managed to get her off my back. She wasn't...

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