Journal Impact Factor from Thomson Reuters in their own words. Some remarks for Romanian ISI/MISI/PISI obsessed freaks

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I am not a fan of metrics in research performance evaluation. I am an enemy of any kind of metrics when it comes to the use of the existent frameworks that deal with “publications” in measuring the teaching performance. I assume any rational individual will understand why it is completely idiotic to treat the teaching performance by measuring its impact or by measuring the so-called impact of someone’s publications. I don’t want to insist on that. What I find even worse than that is the fact that people are judged by the performance of a journal. For example, in Romania, if you publish in a B+ journal, you get a certain number of points, that are finally added to your annual performance evaluation. If you published with one of your colleagues, you get half and so on. Now, if you publish a critical edition you get the same points as publishing a translation, in some cases. Moreover, these types of metrics do not differentiate between various translation projects: one thing i...

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