Trip to Prague, Czech Republic

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This year I spent one week of my well-deserved vacay in the sunny and amazing Prague, one of the oldest and the most beautiful European cities I’ve seen so far. Prague is filled with an impressive architecture, great places to just sit and forget about problems and really, but really cheap beer (screams*). Maybe you don’t actually need a full week to visit Prague but around 4 – 5 days are needed for sure. I was happy that during my stay, the weather was really nice and it only started raining a bit on my last day (ha! the same happened in Gothenburg), which was perfectly fine for me.

Even though people in Prague seem a bit unfriendly at first, they actually are super friendly once you start to know them more. I was surprised to see that Prague is more like an international city (well, after all, it is situated in the heart of Europe) and every time you go out you can hear up to 10 different languages spoken on the streets and not necessarily by tourists. I was also su...

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