What are the Elements of a SDRAM Module?

"PCBs" is the abbreviation for "Printed Circuit Board" and is actually the board on which the whole module is built. For standard DIMMs the PCB is an epoxy resin that is dyed green and consists of several (e.g., four) insulating layers which are separating the conductive layers (consisting of copper) from each other. The individual copper conductive layers are connected with each other through contact holes, also called "VIA's. From several conductive layers only some of them are made of structured conducting paths, e.g. the front and posterior outer layer (these conducting paths are then visible) and the middle layer. Between the layers with structured conducting paths, two continuous/bulk (without structured conducting paths) conducting layers are present, one of them being connected to the power supply VCC and the other one is connected to ground. By means of these two continuous copper layers a good distribution of the supply voltage over the entire module is provided and in ad

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