What if?

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Life can be so beautiful if you truly know how to appreciate even the small details of it, but sadly this is not always easy. Why? Because of the unpredictable that makes us forget how to enjoy life and because of it we end up focusing on things that actually don’t matter at all. Life can be challenging, harsh, horrible but overall, you just live once so why not try (at least) to treat the ugly parts of it as something that had to happen in order for you to learn. Sure, we all have different life paths, some of us will have a quiet life, while others will go through challenging stuff (divorces, deaths, health issues, accidents etc.). It’s not easy, never said it was. 

Most of us forget how to live. We settle. We take everything for granted until we get old and until, eventually, we die. How sad that is.

But, what if?

What if we see things differently? What if we stop settling for our ‘normal’ lives? What if tomorrow you de...

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